[Snort-users] current rulesets for 1.7 ?

Mike Sapsara msapsara at ...1921...
Thu Apr 26 23:54:56 EDT 2001

I've just started using snort, version 1.7, and I would like to use a 
current ruleset.  The ones at snort.sourceforce and whitehats seem to be 
geared to 1.8.  When I first tried to start snort with this ruleset it 
compained about the 'classtype' keyword.  Where is an up-to-date ruleset 
that can be used with 1.7 ?  I hate to post if this is common information, 
but I could not get a handle on it.

Mike Sapsara
Systems Administrator
Longitude Systems, Inc
(703) 818-5463

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