[Snort-users] Finding specific File transfers with Snort?

Josh Oshiro josh at ...155...
Thu Apr 26 12:41:17 EDT 2001

 what you need to do is write a rule for this. Snort can be used for
many things. If there is a pattern in the data stream then snort can be
made to point it out. 
there is a doc on how to write snort rules at snort.org


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Jürgen Nieveler wrote:
> Hi!
> I'm rather new to Snort, and don't know if this has been covered before:
> Can you use Snort to find out if there is a command "put swinger.jpg" in a
> FTP Session?
> Background:
> I noticed on a couple of old misconfigured FTP-Servers that allowed
> anonymous write access that all contained a file "swinger.jpg", which seems
> to be put there by some scanning robot to test for and mark open servers.
> It would be nice to be able to check for this kind of thing, as it could
> warn you of possible scans from the "warez-kiddies" :-)
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