[Snort-users] Scan Proxy

A.L.Lambert alambert at ...1889...
Tue Apr 24 11:58:18 EDT 2001

> ALL>         FYI - over the last 2 weeks, I've been seeing the same scans in
> ALL> HUGE numbers (outpacing ftpd and bind scans sometimes for days on end).  
> ALL> Probably a new worm or some such we'll hear about once someone figures out
> ALL> what's going on.  :)
> These are scans to find proxies and open socks proxies. Hacker just go
> thru them to anonymize part of their activity.
> Scanning for open porxies is an everyday's hacker job.

	Yes, but I used to see an average of 5 a day.  In the last 2
weeks, I've seen as many as 500 in a day.  Either I just wound up on the
recieving end of a targeted scan, or I'd have to say that there's a new
tool that does 'Bad Things' to proxies out there.

The problems that exist in the world today cannot be solved by the level
of thinking that created them...

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