[Snort-users] Scan Proxy

Cedric mailing-lists at ...134...
Tue Apr 24 11:26:10 EDT 2001

Hello A.L.Lambert,

>> > > I have been getting lots of SCAN Proxy Attempts lately to
>> > > ports 1080 8080 and 3128. 
>> > 
>> > I bet you a dollar you use IRC and the servers are scanning you.
>> > -Steve
>> Well if it was the case I would be very happy to send you a dollar.
>> But the real asnwer is no I do not even use icq so ?

ALL>         FYI - over the last 2 weeks, I've been seeing the same scans in
ALL> HUGE numbers (outpacing ftpd and bind scans sometimes for days on end).  
ALL> Probably a new worm or some such we'll hear about once someone figures out
ALL> what's going on.  :)

These are scans to find proxies and open socks proxies.
Hacker just go thru them to anonymize part of their activity.

Scanning for open porxies is an everyday's hacker job.

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