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I had a time stamp issue two weeks ago, here is what I did.

Made new kernel with Enhanced real time enabled
Installed current version of Libpcap 6<

Funny thing, I did not have a time issue until
I installed a newer firmware version..

Good Luck
Chris N.

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Need some help getting date time stamps working:

I am running Snort 1.7 on a RH6.2-based Alpha which acts as my firewall/NAT
router.  I compiled Snort to be able to output data to a MySQL database.
version compiled against was v3.22.32.  The actual version of MySQL (on my
home computer) is v3.23.33 on a Mandrake 8.0-based computer.

I'm using ACID v0.9.6b7 to access the database locally.  The problem
I'd never get to it, huh?) is that all date/time stamps are "0000-00-00
00:00:00".  I had had this problem several months ago, then didn't run Snort
for a long time.  Now, I can't remember what advice I was given to fix it.

Any help would be appreciated.  The setup works great, just that the
date/time stamps are messed up.

Mitch Thompson, San Antonio TX
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