[Snort-users] Couldn't resolve hostname HOME_NET

dotslash dotslash at ...1760...
Tue Apr 24 00:59:31 EDT 2001

hehe. well i'm having coffee now and this is a good time to start fixing
snort again.

i checked and my snort.conf is still the same. it has both HOME_NET and
EXTERNAL_NET defined in it using my networks ip address (for HOME_NET).
bugger i don't think snort would need to resolve hostname before it starts
does it?  i have firewalling in the same box and i can telnet, ping, lynx
everywhere from it so there's no question that the box can't resolve names.

well, i'll finish coffee first then d/l snort again.  hell maybe i'll use
1.8 then...l8rs

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> >
> > Apr 23 15:58:03 snortle snort: ERROR
> > (4) => Couldn't resolve hostname HOME_NET
> [...snip...]
> Well, it sounds like you don't have HOME_NET defined in your snort.conf.
> from what you said, you already had a snort.conf that was 'edited' and
> Hrm...  Did you unpack snort in that directory?  If so, the snort.conf
> the tarball might have overwrote your snort.conf.
> Please note:  This letter was composed before having any coffee, so it
> not be to clueful.  ;-)
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