[Snort-users] inexpensive ethernet taps?

Dan Hollis goemon at ...20...
Mon Apr 23 22:18:24 EDT 2001

On Mon, 23 Apr 2001, Frank Knobbe wrote:
> > What's the cheapest ethernet switch with a monitor/mirror port?
> > Or what's the cheapest ethernet tap (like the shomiti century tap
> > devices)?
> The cheapest tap is a $30 4 port hub and an Ethernet read-only cable
> (the one I described in several threads by now. Email me offline if
> you like the pin-out). I'm using this on several segments. Granted,
> it's a one segment/one IDS NID scenario (in other words, no mirroring
> of multiple segments onto one port), but it's the most cost effective
> for small deployments.... :)

I've found hubs to be unreliable. I've tried a number of different ones
(3com, smc, linksys, hp, netgear) and they are *all* prone to randomly
locking up under heavy traffic.


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