[Snort-users] Updating slaves

Robert van der Meulen rvdm at ...1262...
Fri Apr 20 21:41:57 EDT 2001


Quoting Sean Walberg (swalberg at ...1860...):
> What I'm setting up now is distribution of the rulesets by RPM.  Basically,
> I generate an rpm of the snort rulesets, and force the slaves to install
> them from the master via http.  The master will be updated  manually, with
> the help of some scripts.  GPG will also be used to verify the package.
I'm working on facilitating this in the snort debian package; a
snort-signatures package that can be kept up to date, containing signature
updates. The whole updating stuff (including setting of variables like the
home net) and verifying can be left to the installer, as it checks md5 sums
and keeps configuration variables.

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