[Snort-users] Running as unprivileged

Brian Caswell bmc at ...312...
Thu Apr 19 21:55:04 EDT 2001

Kyuball wrote:
> On Thu, Apr 19, 2001 at 09:31:52AM -0700, Jason Frey
> wrote:
> > I am running snort as an unprivileged user and have
> found that the logs are still owned by root with 600
> privileges.
> >
> > Is there a way to change this in the config file?
> How is the umask changed?

This feature was added post 1.7.  If you are using 1.8-beta, add use "-m
<umask>" on the commandline.

My original diff to add this feature was sent to snort-devel a few
months ago.  Check the mailing list archives for the diff.  (NOTE: A few
compat features to UMASK were added after my initial diff, if you have
issues, try snort-daily)

Brian Caswell
The MITRE Corporation

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