[Snort-users] Updating questions

robert_leever at ...1849... robert_leever at ...1849...
Thu Apr 19 11:12:57 EDT 2001

>This version is usually stable.  Maybe we should start a current branch
>and a stable branch and maintain them both?  only put fixes in stable,
>new features in current. 

Now that IS an excellent idea.  I personally don't have the time to be a
beta tester for snort.  I like snort a lot, but have not upgrades since 
version 1.6.3 (because I read the snort-users list.  (c: }  I translate
new rules into the old format if I think they're applicable and add them to
my ruleset by hand, test them, and then & only then, deploy them to the

When you do go to a new version leave the last stable/patched version
available for people like me, too.  

great idea!!!

bob leever
senior unix system admin
OSIDiv of Agilent Technologies

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