[Snort-users] More on the Possible Mem leak

___cliff rayman___ cliff at ...1366...
Thu Apr 19 01:05:34 EDT 2001

i'm not one of the developers, but depending on your OS,
try something like strace.  it should give u some indication
of what snort is up to when it is sucking up the CPU.  you
can also try attaching gdb and trace though it.

gdb snort pid

even if u don't have a good handle on the source code, you can
backtrace (bt), and get an idea what part of the code it
is drudging through.

this might give the developers a little more of a clue what
is happening on your system.

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Len Burns wrote:

> On Wed, 18 Apr 2001, Martin Roesch wrote:
> > Question: how many people who are seeing memory leaks are using the
> > database plugin too?
> I am, I am also seeing something else odd that I am not quite sure how
> to track down.  From time to time, I find snort eating 97 or 98% of
> the cpu, in an environment where it is not receiving an overwhelming
> number of packets.  At times it can go for several days normally, and
> att others, this condition developes with in several hours.  It does
> not crash.  Suggestions?

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