[Snort-users] More on the Possible Mem leak

Steve Halligan agent33 at ...187...
Wed Apr 18 20:52:33 EDT 2001

>  Does the allocated memory piece grow constantly (i.g. today 
> you have 34M, tomorrow 64M etc)
>  or it sticks at 34M level? IMHO if your network load is more 
> or less constant, allocated
>  memory should stick at certain size... (just my silly theory 
> in fact ;-))
Timeline is basically like this...
HUP'd at 3pm, snort started at around 4M
left office at 5, snort at around 7M
next morn, snort at 14M
when I sent the earlier message, snort at 34M
As I right this now, snort at 41M.
I suspect that it will be around 60M tomorrow morn.

Even if it stops at 60M and doesn't get any bigger, doesn't that seem a bit
high?  The test net that this box sits on only has a 1M inet connection and
doesn't see a whole lot of traffic.

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