[Snort-users] SnortSnarf version 041501.1

Andrew P. Ban aban at ...1510...
Mon Apr 16 18:43:41 EDT 2001

I downloaded it and tried to do

	tar -zxvf SnortSnarf-041501.1.tar.gz

I got an error stating it was not a gzip file I then did

	tar -xvf SnortSnarf-041501.1.tar.gz

And then it worked fine. BTW I pulled my copy from the SiliconDefense
site. Could one copy be a gzip file and the other not ???

On Mon, 16 Apr 2001, Burleson, Lee (IA) wrote:

> Jim -
> Well, I happen to also have a copy of netcat (for Win32), and I tested it
> out.  Incredibly, I was able to open the .gz file just fine.  According to
> your logic, that means that there probably is a browser problem.  I can hear
> the public sigh as I tell you that I've been using IE5.5, but that does not
> solve the mystery of being able to use the .gz from snort.org.
> I don't have a uuencode program, so if you still want the IE-downloaded .gz
> file in UU format, I'll have to get one from the Net somewhere.
> But here's a clue: the file size of the IE-dl'ed .gz is 542,720 bytes,
> whereas the nc file is 120,629 bytes.
> Thanks again.
> - Lee
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