[Snort-users] Basic questions about snort

agetchel at ...1525... agetchel at ...1525...
Sat Apr 14 23:25:34 EDT 2001

> Has anyone deployed snort in an enterprise class network?  If 
> so, where did
> you go to help you get things working?  I am looking to roll 
> snort out and I
> don't want to reinvent the wheel.  If there isn't one, I will 
> document my
> experience.

	We're getting ready to roll out snort on our network, which is
'pretty big'. =)  Unfortunately, I have not yet documented anything that I
can release to the world without releasing 'too much' information about our
internal network.  However, I'm going to be writing a document explaining
our findings about Snort vs Other IDS's.  I'll send a message to the list
with a link to the doc when it's done.  In the mean time, do you have any
specific questions?


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