[Snort-users] snort won't log anything in mysql - please help

alexus ml at ...1718...
Thu Apr 12 21:36:56 EDT 2001

for those who doesn't know what happened before:

i took latest (stable) snort version 1.7 install it and for some reason it
won't log anything into database (mysql)
i've been suggested to install newer version of snort which is 1.8 b1 and i
did it still won't log anything.

i also took latest rule set from snort website (i had to change a bit of
rules 'cause snort 1.8 wouldn't take it .. so i just comment 'em out)

and it still won't log

if anyone of you wanna take a look at any files or configuration
please let me know so i can provide you with more information to resolve
this issue

thank you in advance.

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