[Snort-users] Progress..New Ruleset not working with Snort 1.7

Joe McAlerney joey at ...47...
Thu Apr 12 16:02:06 EDT 2001

Joe Magee wrote:

> Do I have to define SMTP somewhere?

Yes, or use a newer version of snort.conf.

On you previous issue.  When you said "and then added the appropriate
lines in snort.conf to reflect the new rules", I was assuming you meant
you added paths to your include files - which many people do for version
1.7.  I then assumed that you were using the CVS version (even though
you clearly said you were using 1.7 :-).  In actuality, neither of these
were the case.  So, instead of moving your rules files, you could just
add the path to them in your includes.  Does that make sense?

Sorry for the confusion.

-Joe M.

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