[Snort-users] New Trojan Warning

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Fri Apr 13 14:12:32 EDT 2001


My name is Michael Paris, head of the Trojan analysis 
department for LockDown Corp. located in in Dover 
New Hampshire.

While searching the Internet for security related 
web pages and information, I found your email address 
on the URL http://lists.sourceforge.net/archives/snort-users/2000-December/002209.html

Kindly note that I am a real person and not some 
hightech spambot, that cannot be contacted by 
email or telephone and I am sending this email through 
the click on email address Snort-users at lists.sourceforge.net 

I am sending this message in hope that you would
be concerned about this particular security threat 
and would want to inform your friends and associates so
that they will not be fooled by this or others like it 
in the future. 

You can help to inform people by having the following
link added to as many web pages as possible or simply 
forward this email to them. 

Hidden BackDoors Can Be In Your Trusted Programs

You might also want to inform other security companies 
to include this new trojan in their definitions, as 
we have done in our product LockDown Millennium.

There are also other areas of our web site that you 
are free to link which are shown below.

Hacker Demo

Online Program Help & Advanced Security Information

LockDown Millennium Product Comparison Results

For more information, you may visit our web site at

Michael Paris
LockDown Corp.

This message was not sent bulk email, neither are you
on any kind of email list. If you would like to be added
to our security mailing list you can add yourself from 
our web page.

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