[Snort-users] Snort CPU

Joe McAlerney joey at ...47...
Tue Apr 10 14:02:17 EDT 2001

Hi Steve,

What are your command line arguments?  Can you run a backtrace on the
core file to see what's causing the dump?  See the latest BUGS file, or
FAQ "I think I found a bug in snort. Now what?" to find out more
information on how to diagnose these types of problems.

Hope this helps,

-Joe M.

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> Steve wrote:
> Hi all, I've just installed and configured snort 1.7 but am having
> problems with snort dying and dumping a core. I've also noticed it is
> taking 95% CPU... It's running on a fast machine with losts of RAM,
> I've commented out the pre-processor stuff in snort.conf but it is
> still dumping core... any idea's? Until now I've been running snort
> 1.6.3 with no problems.
> Thanks
> Steve Lukacs
> Qunara e-Solutions

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