[Snort-users] Snort on HP-UX 11.00: problems...

Mauro Clementi m.clementi at ...1781...
Tue Apr 10 13:32:47 EDT 2001

Good evening to everybody.

I am trying to address some problems in order to have snort 1.7 running
on a hpux 11 machine.
Briefly: I downoladed from a hpux free sw porting center (in .depot.gz
format) and installed the software.
The web site indicated dependencies from openssl 0.9.6 (and that's ok
with me) and libpcap.0.5.2.
First thing I had to do was to find that I had to update to libcap0.6.2.
Ok, no problem, but I still
cannot have any proof that snort is working on my machine. I do not know
why it looks like it started successfully,
but it did not write a single log line. As I found in the snort faq, I
tried to start as

./snort -A fast -c snort.conf   ........ and the first time it prompted
with /var/log/snort  no such file or directory.

Nice start. I created what was requested and restarted snort, with the
same (silent) result...

Second down (and long, I think...)
./snort -A fast -D (otherwise it prompts for error:0) -s  (the standard
syslog file for the system being /var/adm/syslog/syslog.conf).... still
no results.

I went nowhere also when I specified the -i lan1 option on the command

I should like to train myself on snort, just starting to use it more or
less like the good ol' tcp_wrapper (that I could not compile on Hp-ux
11, even if
it works fine on hp-ux 10, but ask to hp for this  :-|    )

Am I missing something?
If I could choose the platform, I should go Linux all the way, but I

Any suggestion welcome
Thank you very much


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