[Snort-users] Re: ag maintenance

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Mon Apr 9 09:33:21 EDT 2001


Check the newest version in CVS, it will fix this issue (sorry 
for not checking it in sooner).  

I am still looking into the date search criteria issue.


> Hi there and goodmorning (for some of us),
> There is a little problem with the AG maintenance under Acid,
> I added an alert group to my latest CVS version of Acid, named test.
> No problems so far. When I view this group, Acid says it is empty.
> Correct.
> But, when I added two alerts to this group, I then viewed this group, I
> see all the alerts that I have.
> The screen says:
> Displaying rows 1-2 of 2
> And does not show any page buttons, so I cannot scroll through the
> alerts.
> Am I the only one, or is there somebody else that has this problem also?
> Thanx,
> Roeland

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