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kinda interesting. :) the 'intrusions' link might be helpful to those who are just stepping up into
attacks interpretation (well-documented, althrough kinda too luser-oriented :))

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From: Max Vision
> o length; abnormal amounts of data sent where not expected.  This is
>   best handled by a plugin that can parse the protocol.  Otherwise we
>   could have a signature for each plaintext protocol keyword to
>   watch for an overflow.  For SMTP, we could watch HELO, MAIL FROM,
>   etc etc where the "length" (as measured by the stream assembler)
>   exceeded a value we thought reasonable.  I believe IDS such as
>   BlackICE rely heavily on this type of detection, and although
>   more generic, probably catches more attacks.

Just in case people are curious, the list of BlackICE intrusions is at:
You can search for words like "overflow" and "long" on this page to check
out the buffer overflows detected. As Max says, they are generic. Often, all
buffer overflows in a protocol are marked as a single item, but as specific
exploits are released, we break them out as separate "signatures",
especially when we need to sync them up with a specific BUGTRAQ ID or CVE.

As Max indicates, BlackICE is not affected by ADMutate.

BTW, the presentations I gave at CanSecWest and DefCon8 partially discussed
this topic. They are at:
Since I'm too lazy to do speaker notes, I'm not sure how useful these will

Robert Graham
CTO/Network ICE

PS: The idea that all IDSs are based on pure pattern-match is outdated.
BlackICE uses a different technology, and even Snort (otherwise famous for
patterns) does a lot of stuff beyond pattern-match, as Marty demonstrated at

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