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> However, in future "attacks" like this how can I tell by myself of such
> activity?  Is there a website to learn this from or a book from Amazon
> (could also be on my wishlist :-) ?

Hrmmm... I've been told Stephen Northcutt's book "Intrusion Detection:
An Analyst's Handbook" is good. There are several O'Reilly books on
TCP/IP that I've found useful, also "Building Internet Firewalls", and
"Practical Unix and Internet Security".

As far as websites: http://packetstorm.securify.com and
http://www.securityfocus.com are two of the most useful, although
Securityfocus' new frame-ified layout is painful to navigate. Also
http://phrack.infonexus.com if you want to do some historical reading. 



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