[Snort-users] MISC Large ICMP Packet

Fernando Cardoso fernando.cardoso at ...965...
Fri Apr 6 04:32:46 EDT 2001

Suspicious, but probably benign. I would add to your list MTU discovery by
HP/UX and AIX boxes. Possibly the Brearley box you saw in your logs would be
one of this systems. As I remember, the payload would be all zeros.


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> I've seen similar things, I suspect that these are probes from a
> couple of
> possible places:
> - content distribution networks (akamai and the like)
> - caching networks (squid)
> - ad networks (doubleclick and the like)
> Most of the time when I saw these the source address turned out
> to be part of
> the address space of one of the above.
> However I noticed the source address on this on was part of a
> netblock owned
> by the brearley school in new york. So it's sort of suspicious....
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