[Snort-users] Load of source quench

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Thu Apr 5 11:32:30 EDT 2001

Hi JB,
	It's a good idea to block ICMP source quench packets at the
firewall, as they can be used as a somewhat effective DoS attack (depending
on the OS of the machine being attacked and how it handles these
notifications).  Seeing that many of these alerts in such a short amount of
time (all coming from one host going too one host?) would definitely raise a
red flag.  However, we've seen a good amount these being sent from remote
servers to our large proxy array for legitimate reasons (up to about 35 per
minute).  Since the ICMP Source Quench notification is basically a remote
system telling your system 'Slow down!  I can't process the data as fast as
you're sending it!', blocking these might result in packet loss.


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> Hi,
> Snort detected a load of Source Quench ( about 300 in 5 min ).
> I know this is a primitive flow control but what does it mean 
> in term of 
> possible attack ?
> Should I block them at Firewall level ?
> What could be the consequences ?
> Thx
> JB
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