[Snort-users] Kernel complaint about MAC being seen on multip le interfaces

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Can you elaborate on an FEC driver?  If I have four Catalyst 3500XL series
switches on a lan segment.  I thought I could only accomplish complete
coverage by Snort with a NIC to each switch, then using Port Mirroring so
that these NICs would see all the traffic each switch is passing.  Wouldn't
FEC only work within a single switch?

I did find a solution that involved a modification to if_ether.c so that it
doesn't send out those messages.  I implemented it yesterday and it seems to
be working just fine.  I don't know that this is the best solution, but it
was the only suggestion I had at the time and so I went with it.

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On Wed, 4 Apr 2001, Tom Sevy wrote:

> Syslog is showing that a given MAC is being seen by three NICs.  This MAC
> belongs to an Alteon Web Switch.  It is the hard IP/MAC and not the
> IP/MAC.  Is it safe to ignore this?  Of is there anything that can be
> configured in the kernel to ignore this scenario?

This is probably because you have all the NICs plugged into the same VLAN,
which is a no-no.  If you want to trunk span ports, you might try to find
the 'fec' driver, which does Fast Etherchannel.

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