[Snort-users] compiling snort on OS X

Ryan Russell ryan at ...35...
Wed Apr 4 18:50:58 EDT 2001

On Wed, 4 Apr 2001, [iso-8859-1] Ami wrote:

> im trying to compile snort 1.7 on Mac OS X 1.0
> snort.h:31: header file 'pcap.h' not found
> snort.h:58: header file 'pcap-namedb.h' not found
> decode.h:30: header file 'pcap.h' not found
> decode.h:46: header file 'pcap-namedb.h' not found
> spo_log_tcpdump.h:35: undefined type, found
> `pcap_dumper_t'
> snort.h:218: undefined type, found `pcap_t'
> snort.h:223: undefined type, found `pcap_dumper_t'
> snort.c:1278: illegal function call, found

You're missing the libpcap header files (and probably the library itself).
Check out tcpdump.org, though if anything is going to give you grief on a
new OS, it will be that.

Wow, OS X looks like a pretty sane unix development environment.  I'm


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