[Snort-users] compiling snort on OS X

___cliff rayman___ cliff at ...1366...
Wed Apr 4 18:45:44 EDT 2001

i'm not a snort expert and i've never seen mac osx 10,
so, i probably shouldn't answer this.

that said - my guess is that you do not have libpcap
installed on your system and that is why pcap.h and
other files are missing.

i think the source u need is here:


___cliff rayman___cliff at ...1367...://www.genwax.com/
Ami wrote:

> im trying to compile snort 1.7 on Mac OS X 1.0
> ( with all the dev tools installed)
> but make seems to fail .... attached is the full
> results.
> \have tried this with other host types that usualy
> work but no luck......
> any clue about this, anyone ?
> has anyone done this successfully before ?
> ----snip---
> [localhost:/Applications/UNIX/snort-1.7] root# su
> [localhost:/Applications/UNIX/snort-1.7] root# make
> cc -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I. -I. -I.     -g -O2 -Wall  -c
> snort.c
> snort.h:31: header file 'pcap.h' not found
> snort.h:58: header file 'pcap-namedb.h' not found
> decode.h:30: header file 'pcap.h' not found
> decode.h:46: header file 'pcap-namedb.h' not found
> spo_log_tcpdump.h:35: undefined type, found
> `pcap_dumper_t'
> snort.h:218: undefined type, found `pcap_t'
> snort.h:223: undefined type, found `pcap_dumper_t'
> snort.c:1278: illegal function call, found
> `ProcessPacket'
> snort.c:1278: illegal expression, found `)'
> snort.c:1282: illegal expression, found `else'
> snort.c:1287: illegal function prototype, found `3'
> snort.c:1287: illegal function definition, found `)'
> cpp-precomp: warning: errors during smart
> preprocessing, retrying in basic mode
> make: *** [snort.o] Error 1

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