[Snort-users] how to block an attacker.

Gregor Binder gbinder at ...462...
Wed Apr 4 12:28:15 EDT 2001

Henry Sieff on Wed, Apr 04, 2001 at 10:42:43AM -0500:


> If you did this (I toyed around with the idea by using a perl proggie
> which would check for certain kinds of events and reconfigure my Cisco
> ACL's based upon it) you would want to restrict yourself to actual
> exploits where the source IP couldn't be spoofed without rooting your
> routers.)

using nemesis or something like it, you could produce a lot of packets
that trigger all kinds of different snort rules, and spoof the source
address with no problem. Doing some stateful filtering in front of your
sensor would help a little bit.


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