[Snort-users] Rule Updates / Additions Coming Today

Roeland Weve roeland at ...1415...
Wed Apr 4 11:05:11 EDT 2001

Rule Updates / Additions Coming Today - by Jim Forster @ 08:52:33 
     After some discussion, I've decided to keep the database around.
I'll be updating the current download sets from the database from now
on. I will also
  standardize the download files to

  Individual .rule files will also be in this directory from now on.
(For those of you auto-updating)...

  I'm currently going through my 'to-do' list of rule and site changes.
I'll post once the files have been updated, and are ready for download.

I don't now exactly how many databases there are. I know there is one at
whithats.com. You are going to use that one? That'll be great...

All this sounds really great, this finally means a good line in the


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