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Tue Apr 3 15:29:40 EDT 2001

There's a discussion popped up on snort-devel, we basically were wondering
if you guys want to have a configurable format for snort logged files, and if
you do, in what form you expect to have it :)) (see the thread at snort-devel
for more details)


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Ahh, calling my bluff, eh?  8^)  I don't actually know what formats
people would like or how to implement it; I was just spouting off.
Asking in snort-users would probably get you lots of requests.  As for
an implementation strategy, like I said, I've never been able to figure
out the v*printf family, so, uhh, good luck and stuff.

Todd Lewis
tlewis at ...468...

On Wed, 4 Apr 2001, Fyodor wrote:

> On Tue, Apr 03, 2001 at 02:31:32PM -0400, Todd Lewis wrote:
> > I thought of that; the problem is how to get the right arguments in the
> > right order.  I have never understood va_ and friends, but maybe someone
> > who does (or who wants to) could work something up?
> Well, if you could explain how you want the external design to be (i.g. how you
> want it to be presented in config file, and in what way you expect it to work),
> I could try to implement it in code. :)
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