[Snort-users] Suspicious DNS query, et al.

Fernando Cardoso fernando.cardoso at ...965...
Tue Apr 3 13:42:08 EDT 2001

> Ports attacked have been 53 ( DNS ), 111 ( rpcbind ), 515 ( line
> printer ), 21 ( FTP ), and 3879 ( ??? ).  The source machines appear
> to have been located in Korea, China, Japan, the Phillippines, Hong
> Kong, and Australia.  In this country, Arizona State University
> appears to have been a source.

Port 3879 seems to be almost a standard for Linux exploits. All of them make
use of lammys bind shell code which binds a shell to that port. Didn't
check, but I guess you can find it at www.hack.co.za.

Things seem to be calm round here. Only one scan for sunrpc and a couple
searching for trojans (Deep Throat and Subseven)...



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