[Snort-users] Snort website unreadable fonts

Scott A. McIntyre scott at ...1050...
Tue Apr 3 02:41:28 EDT 2001

Also sprach Tony Lill (ajlill at ...1676...):

> >>>>> "Chris" == Chris Green <cmg at ...671...> writes:
>     Chris> version ).  It's best though to put snort under something
>     Chris> like supervise to restart it instantly if it dies.
>     Chris> I think Fyodor is working on snortdog which will (in the
>     Chris> future?) do this too
> Am I the only one old enough to remember /etc/inittab? Why re-invent
> the wheel?

Sadly, BSD variants don't use the beast.

I've been running snort out of daemontools for some time now on BSD
boxes without too many problems.  The only downside is that if there are
rule problems and "service" re-runs your snort script, you won't
necessarily notice the problem until your output log directory gets
full.  Thus the ever-so-handy feature of snort to test the rules and
exit is saving me much grief.  :-)

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