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>I have a Alpha running 5.01 (Dec OS)
Is that Alpha Bios? I think you can upgrade that to 5.7, check 
out the Compaq site. 

>install a better version of CC which one???
I loaded Redhat 7.0 through SRM, which comes with gcc and kgcc. 
You can get either of these compilers off the web. I was told 
that gcc was glitchy and to use kgcc, but gcc worked fine 
for snort 1.7. Actually, I have less problems compiling things
on the Alpas then on the INtels. 

>(Dec OS)
Did you ever think about switching to a linux based OS?
Just as good but better support resources. 

>lost with Compaq Dec alpha, they are going the 
>way as the Wang and Seqent computers. 
Never, as long as there is a linux open source OS, there will
always be a purpose for them. I'm still using old 486's that 
are a lot older then most Alphas. I believe older Alpha systems
are gonna get real popular real soon. 

Chris N.

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   I need a lot of hlep on this, I have a Alpha running 5.01 (Dec OS), and
I'll be dammed if I can get 1.7 to even comply, I can get 1.6 but it comes
up with error, If I ned to install a better version of CC which one???  I'm
at a lost with Compaq Dec alpha, they are going the way as the Wang and
Seqent computers.  Please advise

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Damn, I memorized all those lotto numbers for
nothing.  Well I did not get sucked into an alternate 
time, so I did not get a chance to share those 

Well if any of u's guys happen to find yourselves 
faced with a possible time vortex on our AlPha 
system, here are some things to check.

1) Compile Kernel with Enhanced time 
    Character devices>enhance real time support

2) Compile and Install Libpcap 0.6.X

3) Recompile snort

Any questions feel free to email
Chris N.

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