[Snort-users] Snort website unreadable fonts

dave w capella dave.capella at ...1712...
Mon Apr 2 11:34:16 EDT 2001

On Mon, 2 Apr 2001, Ragnar Beer wrote:

>That's what I tried first and I have no idea why it didn't work :(
>It changes font in the navigation frame on the left (at 
>www.snort.org) but not the content frame on the right. I just tried 
>Netscape 4.75 on NT.
>There everything works. So probably it's Netscape/Mac buglet.
>>In Netscape:
>>Check the box for "Use my default fonts, overriding document-specified

As a webmaster, I prefer not to put the onus for readability on the user.
Since NS and IE (and others) differ so widely on so many platforms, I have
found it best to avoid extremely small fonts.  As an alternative, one
could change the order of the sans-serif font from
'arial,helvetical,sans-serif' to 'sans-serif,helvetica,arial'. This works
in most versions of NS, even on un*x.

But... since I barely have time to keep up w/all the lists I'm on, I'm
hoping this discussion moves to a private channel w/the webmaster. ;)

While I'm here, anyone know why the snort daemon would occasionally die
under RedHat 7.0? I grabbed the latest rpm's for the app and am using the
default ruleset. I even ran it as a job w/o the -D switch from a command
line and monitored it for a couple days uneventfully. When I restart the
service, it dies after a few (6? 12?) hours w/no errors in the logs. (that's
another thing... even w/the -s option, I see no output in the system logs,
only /var/log/snort/log.)

As a workaround, I've started an hourly cron job that restarts it if it
finds that it has stopped.

I'd appreciate any ideas,
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