[Snort-users] updating rules through webinterface

Roeland Weve roeland at ...1415...
Mon Apr 2 10:26:23 EDT 2001

I tried this option and it works pretty good, until I want to download
the backdoor and virus rules, these are empty. But they do show up when
typing http://www.snort.org/Database/cleanrules_results.asp

Quite strange... does anybody has a solution for this?


The links I tried:

> You may obtain the full ruleset by sending a GET to ( using cURL, wget,
> lynx, ... ):
> http://www.snort.org/Database/cleanrules_results.asp
> To get a particular ruleset ( ex DDOS )
> http://www.snort.org/Database/cleanrules_results.asp?type=DDOS
> This will extract the ruleset directly from the online DB.

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