[Snort-users] Snort net problems

Aaron S. Carmichael aaron at ...532...
Sat Sep 30 11:30:25 EDT 2000

I have syslog send me the Alerts off site to my workstation. I use Kiwi's
Syslog Daemon there which has a number of nice features including paging and
email alerts.

Add something like this to your /etc/hosts file

yourdesktopIP		@loghost

Add something like the following to your /etc/syslog.conf file

kern.crit                                               @loghost
*.alert                                                 @loghost
*.emerg                                                 @loghost
Authpriv.*								  @loghost

Get a unregistered version of kiwi's syslog daemon and either register it or
not. More features if you do.

set it up

works quite well.. I believe we are going to see different setting for snort
soon that allow us to determine how snort interacts with syslog. Like if a
certain rule should be logged to Auth.Alert or something less critical

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I tried installing snort net and had a ton of errors with the patch. Does
have any ideas or clues. I am using source from snort 1.6-2.  Is there any
other way to do remote logging of snort alerts.
Thanks in advance
   --  Kevin Timm
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