[Snort-users] Content_List Rule Feature

Fyodor fygrave at ...121...
Sat Sep 30 09:49:42 EDT 2000

~ :> The Snort Docs mention this new feature is in "Beta".  Is this Beta public?

yes, checkout snort module from CVS, the feature is there :-P

~ :All of the beta code can be obtained from CVS. There are two CVS
~ :modules. One called "snort" that is the beta for the 1.7 release.
~ :This module is generally pretty stable. There is another module called
~ :"snort-beta" that is for the next major release after 1.7. There are
~ :no guarantees that the code in snort-beta will work at any given 
~ :time.

basically the core system compiles and even works! :-), no plugins yet
though :-)

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