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Aaron S. Carmichael aaron at ...532...
Fri Sep 29 13:37:50 EDT 2000

Running snort and have a question about the portscan preprocess.

Why does snot not log data for an ip that a portscan was initiated on other
then the portscan info in snort_portscan.log? Is there a way to increase the
amount of data that is logged in that file? Is there a way to log all the
packets that are related to that IP as with all other logs that snort

I refuse telnet sessions and other connections to our systems from ip's that
I do not specifically allow. They are rejected and told to contact us if
they are indeed supposed to have access... I simply use hosts.allow and
.deny files to delegate this and it works well.. Most times someone only
need to try once and sees the message and bails, but you get stupid script
kiddies and what not that like to try 40 ip's with the same attack and each
time they get a note back, I get it logged both from the refusal by telnet
and by snort. Works well but I would still like to log the information that
each atempt carries with it... Maby I can't if I refuse the sessions?

The other question is how to deal with portscan and adjusting it so that it
may be able to recognize a DNS qwery as NOT being a portscan. Almost all the
portscans that I get are DNS servers looking up domains that we handle. Has
anyone else noticed this or found a soloution?

Thanks in advance

and I too am willing to host the ArachNIDS database should it be needed.


Aaron S. Carmichael
VP Information Technology
TimeCertain, LLC.
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