[Snort-users] Home network

Richard Humphrey brorich at ...530...
Fri Sep 29 06:25:48 EDT 2000

I am on a home network and i want to log all of the traffic coming from my
other computer. I have snort installed on my machine, which acts as the
gateway for the internet. I read the USAGE file in the install, and tried
different commands, but was unable to find one that worked. I think there
was a way to log all traffic coming from an interface. I tried :

snort -dev -l ./log -h
and it returns
[?] NOTICE: _PATH_VARRUN is unavailable!
   => Logging Snort PID to log directory (./log)

Initializing Network Interface...
ERROR: OpenPcap() device eth0 open: 
	socket: Operation not permitted

then i tried

snort -d -h -l ./log -D 
and it returns
Initializing daemon mode

When i check gtop to see if it is running,  i cant find anything. Nothing
gets written to the specified log directory. I am new to this, so i may be
doing something wrong. Any help would be appreciated.
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