[Snort-users] In case you were wondering what happened to ArachNIDS....

Dragos Ruiu dr at ...381...
Wed Sep 27 16:21:18 EDT 2000

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Subject: Re: ping
Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2000 06:59:14 -0700 (PDT)
From: Max Vision <vision at ...4...>

Hi Dragos!
Yes I'm around, but not online - my fscking ISP (att/@home) has been dead
since noon last friday - I have been renting computer time at the local
Kinko's to check email etc.  I've been really busy but pretty much
vanished as far as the outside world is concerned since I don't have my
home connection.  My ISP sucks hardcore and I wouldn't recommend them to
anyone.  I have already ordered a redundant line from another provider :)

:) Max

On Tue, 26 Sep 2000, Dragos Ruiu wrote:
> ICMP ECHO Request
> are you around?



I think we should work on a system of mirrors for this information.
Since presumably a lot of people will be looking for it.
I will put copies up on kyx.net and dursec.com as soon as I 
get the latest dump from Max., and some mirrors in other geographies
might make some sense...


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