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Thu Sep 28 16:11:45 EDT 2000

<unofficial statement>

Sorry in advance if I am insulting anyone with this.  None of my 
cow orkers are on this list so I am ad-libbing a little.

Instead of "programmer wanted", should be "draconian sub master wanted".
Tired of the 'race-o-da-rat'?  Wanna buy a decent house for under $100k?
(I got a 2400sq ft 4bd 2ba for 52k).  There are no latte carts on every
corner, but you can get one if you know where to look, and there is one on
campus.  DSL is available here.  Working for the university has a number
of cool benefits.  Working on your personal projects during work hours
using work equipment is ok (as long as your not trying to run a dot com on
the university servers).  Need to come in late, leave early, take a 2 hour
lunch, its ok (mostly).  We have an OC3.  I have been told there is stuff
to do here, but since I never leave the house, I can't verify it, but
indianapolis is only 90 mins drive. You get an actual office, not a
cubicle.  It takes me 10 minutes to drive to work.  Still working on that
degree?? classes are practically free to staff (like $5/credit or
something like that, last semester cost me $118.) You can take classes
during work hours.  You are expected to make it up, but its a judgement
call (you code all the time anyway right??).  Enough of my random blabing,
on to the official announcement.

</unofficial statement>

<official job posting>

Indiana State University / Information Services / Technical Support

Systems Programmer / Unix Support

Job Requirements:

* Experience with one or more of the following operating systems
(Solaris, HP/UX, AIX, SCO, or Linux); specific requirements are covered
in the job description below.

* Experience with programming and scripting languages ( C, PERL, JAVA,
HTML, XML) appropriate for working with and maintaining both operating
system level tools & utilities and web based tools & utilities

* Appropriate education to meet the professional requirements of the

* Cognitive and perceptive abilities to work independently with the
standard media of instruction materials and manuals to implement new
versions of operating systems and systems software as required.

* Cognitive and perceptive abilities to independently provide solutions
to system and/or software failures and instabilities.

* Ability (physically, emotionally, and ethically) to respond
independently to system problems and failures on a 24-hours/day,
7-days/week, 365 days/year basis with reasonable notice and relief
should the duration of the problem be extensive.

Job Description:

Report to Coordinator of Systems Administration and Network Security,
Information Services / Technical Support in the performance of the
following duties:

* Maintain UNIX-based systems and services that support instructional
and administrative functions of the university.

* Maintain reports and tools which support analysis and presentation if
information regarding systems utilization.

* Work with system administrators of NetWare, VM, VMS, UNIX, and Windows
environments in implementing tools and methods to support and enhance
inter-platform interoperability.

* Install and maintain operating system software and related components
as assigned by Supervisor.

* Install and maintain general-purpose software and related components
as assigned by Supervisor.

* Develop operational procedures for Computer Operations personnel for
hardware and operating system software as assigned by Supervisor.

* Provide to other Information Services personnel, preliminary operating
system and software documentation of products personally installed
and/or as assigned by Supervisor.

* Serve as technical resource to other Information Services personnel
for operating system and general-purpose software issues as assigned by

* When appropriate, maintain liaison relationship with vendors of
operating system and general-purpose software products.

* When appropriate, maintain liaison relationship with vendors of
hardware on which operating system is installed or is dependent.

* Base pay @ 47k

* No relocation package.

If you read this far and are still interested, send resume, letter of
application and contact information for three references to:

Chair, Systems Programmer Search Committee.
Information Systems/Technical Support.
Rankin Hall
Indiana State University
Terre Haute, IN 47809.


fax to 812-237-4361


email to cchay at ...525...

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