[Snort-users] snort on HP-UX, syslog problems

Karl Lovink karl at ...500...
Fri Sep 22 06:03:13 EDT 2000

I'am trying to run snort on de HP-UX 10.20 box.
I having problems in sending the alert to syslog.
The -s option doesn't work. Also nothing about 
starting snort is sent to syslog.
The syslog daemon runs without problem. *.debug has
been set up.
I have also another problem. When I leave the -s option
out and there is nog alert file I will create a alert
file put the alert in and no other alerts are logged.
When I delete the alert file and restart snort again the
alert is created and 1 alert is logged.

Any idea what is going on?

Kind regards,

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