[Snort-users] Re: Segmentation Fault

stefmit at ...384... stefmit at ...384...
Thu Sep 21 17:38:05 EDT 2000

	Tried this (got the patched version) - something interesting is 
happening now - before the patched version it used to run 5-10 
minutes, followed by a core dump/segmentation fault. Now it runs 
for less than a minute, followed by a "network not up" error, after 
which I have to "ifconfig eth0 up" again ... of course I never received 
a segmentation fault again ... but I am not quite sure I want to bring 
up the interface that often either ?!?
	Anybody any ideas with this one?
	Thx again,
	This message came from Fyodor:
"try to use lattest
version: http://snort.sourceforge.net/snort-1.6.3-patchlevel1.tar.gz 
let us know whether the problem is till there. if yes, we'd like to see
stack traceback/corefile too :)"

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