[Snort-users] Re: [Summary] New Snort Configuration (FreeBSD 4.1S)

Robert E. Leever bel1 at ...358...
Wed Sep 20 12:52:01 EDT 2000

I like your script.  I've been installing 
snort on subnets thru our internal network,
& put a startup script in the rc3.d dir 
so that snort always starts at reboot. 

I used to tailor the snort-lib for each
subnet but now I can use a portion of your
script in the startup script. 

Only change I will make is to substitute
a grep for the tail and head.

MYIP=`ifconfig $IFO| grep broadcast| awk '{print $2}'`

The flavor also determines where you find
ifconfig - but if you don't put the path in the
system usually can find it.

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