[Snort-users] Newbie - how to extract any info from snort -ved?

Martin Roesch roesch at ...421...
Tue Sep 19 20:35:03 EDT 2000

Check out the USAGE file that comes with the distribution, it's got some good
quick start information.  Once you've read that, check out
http://www.snort.org and look in the forums and read the "Writing Snort Rules"
document.  Snort can do the things you've listed, it's just a matter of
configuring it properly.


"Eduardo M. A. M. Mendes" wrote:
> Hello
>     I've just installed snort on my linux box.  Although I read all docs
> (really!) I couldn't figure out
> what to do with snort (I must be pretty dumb!).
>     Before downloading and installing snort, I had the following
> questions in mind:
> a) Can I find a free software that sends a warning (sound, email or
> whatever) that someone has tried to
> break into my server?
> b) Can the soft detect and block the intrusion?
>     I run snort -ved and got loads of info which I don't know about with
> (that is, extract useful information
> from it, telnets, spams etc.).
>     I hope I am not bothering you guys far too much.
>     Any/all help would be most appreciated.
> Thanks a lot.
> Eduardo
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