[Snort-users] compile cannot find libcap-04

Chris Owen chris at ...475...
Tue Sep 19 15:22:26 EDT 2000

Libpcap's installer is not broken.

To install libpcap.a type:

	make install or make all

to install the headers type:

	make install-incl

to install the man pages type:

	make install-man

This is how it has always worked and is working in at least libpcap 0.5.2
and -current which I just tested.  Check the Makefile that's created after
you ./configure.

I downloaded the tarballs from http://www.tcpdump.org.

Why would you want the headers installed by default?.  What if you didn't
plan on doing any compiling against them on a box?  The Makefile is correct.

I'm not aware of how tcp_wrappers is setup but I assume if you were to check
the Makefile you'd find something strikingly similar in functionality to the
libpcap Makefile.

Supa Dupa!

 Chris Owen
 Total Connect Communications

P.S.  I hope you're talking about libpcap and not a 'libcap' like the
subject suggests and I'm not making an ass of myself. =D

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Dragos Ruiu on Tue, Sep 19, 2000 at 02:12:49AM -0700:


> If you didn't install the libpacp rpm that came with the system
> but instead installed it in /usr/local from a tarball

libpcap "make install" doesn't copy any headerfiles but just the
archive. Seems to me that this should be considered "broken", who
would want to install an archive without headers?

tcp_wrappers has the same problem, even though it does provide value
without the headers. You will just run into problems when you try to
compile programs with libwrap support.

I usually just leave the source around on the development system
anyway, which is also useful to debug compilation problems that
somehow relate to the libs.


  Gregor Binder.

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