[Snort-users] database logging on win32

Jed Pickel jed at ...153...
Mon Sep 18 14:18:45 EDT 2000

> I'm guessing this was meant to be Snort-Win32 logging to a database.  But FWIW,
> I do have snort logging to MySQL on Win32...snort is running on a Sparc20
> though.
> --Bill

This has me curious. If anyone has ever tried to compile/use the
database plugin with Win32 snort let me know. I suppose it should
work, but may require some munging of various files.

According to the Postgresql faq:

   It is possible to compile the libpq C library, psql, and other
   interfaces and binaries to run on MS Windows platforms. In this
   case, the client is running on MS Windows, and communicates via
   TCP/IP to a server running on one of our supported Unix platforms.

   A file win31.mak is included in the distribution for making a Win32
   libpq library and psql.

According to the MySQL docs:

   In your source files, you should include `windows.h' before you
   include mysql.h: 

   #if defined(_WIN32) || defined(_WIN64)
   #include <windows.h>
   #include <mysql.h>
   You can either link your code with the dynamic `libmysql.lib' library, 
   which is just a wrapper to load in `libmysql.dll' on demand, or
   link with the static `mysqlclient.lib' library. 
   Note that as the mysqlclient libraries are compiled as threaded
   libraries, you should also compile your code to be multi-threaded! 

** I will add that code to the headers of the db plugin **

As far as ODBC goes it _might_ just work if you pass in a
-DENABLE_UNIXODBC as one of the compile parameters and you have the
right ODBC libraries linked in. From what I understand, one of the
goals of unixodbc is to code to be 100% compatible with ODBC. 

Anyway, if anyone decides to try any of this let me know how it goes.

* Jed

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