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Fri Sep 15 11:09:31 EDT 2000

There's really no 'set format' to the rules.  I try to put an IDS# in front
(if available) to match up to Max Vision's database -  makes it much easier
for many of the log parsers too.
If there was any other associated info (that I could find at the time) I
list that as well.   I suppose I could finally decide on one format and
stick to it, but thus far, it's been on a single-rule basis.  :)

Jim Forster
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RapidNet / DakotaConnect

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> Hello all,
> I was wondering if there is a standard for the message field of a snort
> signature.  I noticed many signature messages that start with "IDS"
followed by
> 3 digits and then either " - " or "/". Then again many of the signatures
had no
> IDS??? header at all. Figured someone might be able to help me out.
> Thanks,
> Nick
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