[Snort-users] Can't compile snort - no make targets

Don Heffernan donheff at ...88...
Thu Sep 14 20:11:08 EDT 2000

Well, you all got me to reading ./configure outputs and trying to install all kinds of
versions so, here is the final (or maybe penultimate) story.  First, apologies all
around.  I initially said I couldn't get 1.6.3 to compile on RH6.2, but the machine I
was working with is RH6.0.  I was able to compile it on my other box which is RH6.2
with no problems (although I could not get the rpm to install).  I haven't upgraded my
gateway box because of a few learning issues I am having with RH6.2 and don't want to
risk screwing things up so it is still RH6.0.  At any rate, I compared the configure
output and found that on my RH6.0 box configure stops when it finds that "postgresql
library (pq) not found in /usr/lib."  That is at the following line: checking for
PQconnectdb in -lpq... no.  On RH6.2 it finds it and goes on to create a few files
(including the Makefile) that don't get done on the RH 6.0 box.  I am guessing this
means that snort 1.6.3 insists on have a nice DB it can report to and that if I
install said DB on the RH6.0 box I could compile the new version of snort.  (Or do
people who know what they are doing simly modify the source to not bother with the
postgre libraries?) In the meantime I got 1.6 to work fine and am generating nice
snort2html logs (heffernan,cais.net/snort2html.html).  Does the newer version offer
enough advantages that I should get the Postgre DB (or change teh source) and try
again?  If so, do I need to delete all the 1.6 files before compiling 1.6.3?

Fyodor wrote:

> ~ :Thanks for the quick responses.  I quickly read up on what is going on when I
> ~ :follow these steps and now understand that my configure is failing to genereate
> ~ :a makefile.  I know also now have a very elementary idea of what the targets in
> ~ :a makefile are.  I can't get a makefile out of this tarball so I will return
> ~ :and see if I can find a slightly older version.
> ~ :
> ~ :Thanks for all the 101 lessons and sorry for tying everyone up.
> ~ :
>  if you could paste your configure output, we may give you hints why it
> fails to generate makefile too :)

Don Heffernan

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