[Snort-users] Error logging to Mysql

Jed Pickel jed at ...153...
Thu Sep 14 13:36:07 EDT 2000

> I have the same problem as you,  my FreeBSD box have to network cards and
> the error messages gone when use the "-i" option of snort.
> Here's the line where that throw the error:
> "spo_log_database.c"
> <...>
>         mysql_free_result(m_result);
>         if(!result)
>         {
>             ErrorMessage("Error: %s\n", mysql_error(m_sock));
>         }
> <...>

The bug where "Error:" is printed with no other details is fixed in
the development version. If you have properly configured your 
database and compiled support for your database in the plugin you can
ignore this error because it does not really mean anything.

In an earlier message for this thread someone mentioned a problem of
the plugin starting but not logging anything. This is caused by not
properly compiling support for your database (make sure you supply the
proper options to the ./configure script). In the development version,
you will get a clear error message when this condition occurs.

* Jed

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